About Us

Santo Jewellery is an elegant, stylish fashion jewellery brand that specialises in sterling silver jewellery for women, and leather and stainless steel jewellery for men.
The brand was created in March 2017 by husband and wife duo, Rebecca and Chris Zuj, who are new store owners of Indulge Contemporary Silver Jewellery. A  fashion silver jewellery and watch store located in Launceston, Tasmania.
Rebecca and Chris became business owners in November 2015, when they purchased Indulge Contemporary Silver Jewellery from Rebecca's auntie and uncle Sandy and Tony. Rebecca's Uncle Tony had become unwell due to an aggressive brain tumour which is the reason why he had to sell the business. Tony had a wealth of knowledge when it came to the jewellery industry due to over 30 years of involvement, and spent a lot of time teaching both Rebecca and Chris everything that they needed to know during the handover of the business, which they will both forever be grateful for. He also mentioned to Rebecca and Chris during the handover of the business that before he was diagnosed with brain cancer he was thinking of starting up his own sterling silver jewellery range and calling it Santo. Short for 'Sandy' and 'Tony'. This stuck in Rebecca's mind.
Since purchasing Indulge Contemporary Silver Jewellery, Rebecca's Uncle Tony has sadly passed away, but to thank him for all of his guidance, support and knowledge of the jewellery industry, and as a legacy to him (with the approval of Rebecca's Auntie Sandy) Rebecca and Chris have created Santo Jewellery in his memory.
Santo Jewellery has also teamed up with the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation to help support brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia. All proceeds from every 'hope' pendant sold are donated by Santo Jewellery to this worthy cause to help make a difference, as we hope that one day a cure can be found.
Rebecca and Chris miss Tony every day, but know that he would be proud and are delighted that they can continue to honour is memory in this way.
Santo Jewellery celebrates putting smiles on faces, as this is something that Rebecca's uncle was extremely good at. Whether it be finding the perfect piece of jewellery for yourself, or finding a gift for someone special in your life.
With our elegant, stylish pieces of jewellery, we're sure you will be able to find that something special!
Thanks for reading our story, and becoming part of our journey!
Rebecca and her Uncle Tony the day of the hand over of Indulge Contemporary Silver Jewellery